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about us

SONADES is an electric company part of the SOCIMEX GROUP. It offers its services in strict compliance with international electrical standards. Its activities have made her, a great partner of the Congolese government in the public lighting sector.


SONADES was created in August of 2008 with the main goal to meet the vital needs of the Congolese population and contribute to the electrification of the country.


The vision of SONADES is to contribute to the coverage of the Democratic Republic of Congo public lighting and answer any physical demand in the electricity sector. It is set to help the country develop energy on a whole, with emphasis on renewable energy.

Our values

Respect for the environment, consumer safety and non-discriminatory access to electricity are the values developed by SONADES.

Notre personnel

Un personnel qualifié, expérimenté et suffisamment rodé en respect écologiques et sécurité des consommateurs est prêt à servir.


The mission of SONADES is to provide illumination wherever the need arises without geographical discrimination.


• Supporting the Democratic Republic of Congo in the recovery process of electricity through the entire national scope;

• Facilitating the installation of MV / LV cabins and air draw lines to aid the electrification of remote corners of the country;

• Allowing the Democratic Republic of Congo to develop lighting through sustainable and safe facilities that meet the environmental standards;

• Actively participate in the modernization of the Democratic Republic of Congo.


SONADES projects support the country in its electrification program. It also plans to democratize the use of renewable energy and actively contribute to the environmental balance.


Human security, ecological respect, multisectoral and satisfying the population electric needs are the keys to Sonades policy.

1. Public lighting

Implementation of 1149 posts served by 19 transformers 50 kVA drawing their power EP of 13 cabins distributed through the following streets: Victory Avenue, Avenue of the oil mills, Sefu Avenue Kimbuta Avenue (second input of the Commune of N'djili, Feeling Avenue , Kimwenza Avenue Bongolo Avenue and the Boulevard du 30 Juin Kinshasa. Implementation of the 1000 post-powered 25 transformers 50 kVA connected to the medium voltage network via 11 cabins EP, EP system for the city of Goma covers the following arteries: Avenue commerce, Kanyamuhanga Boulevard, Museum Avenue, Boulevard Karisimbi, National Highway 2, Sake road, avenue Border, Lake Avenue, Kituku road Nyiragongo Avenue Kibarabara Avenue Vanny Avenue in the North Kivu province. .

2. Industrial complexes and clearing batteries

Installation of the refinery Congo Oil and Derivatives powered by a cab 15 / 0.4kv 3MVA provided capacitor banks, referral facilities and digital protection including accessories in the province of Bas-Congo.

3. Drawing lines

Medium voltage line drawing of a length of 5km (SNEL) in the province of Bas-Congo for Congo Oil and Derivatives factory under 15 kV with a 270mm cable section aluminum and steel including equipment digital protection and referrals associated with it in the province of Bas-Congo.