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SAFRIMEX is a construction and engineering company. Its activities contribute significantly to the reconstruction program of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Our values

Job creation, compliance, efficiency and credibility are our values..


• Joining the Democratic Republic of Congo in the great challenge of reconstruction;

• Making available adequate infrastructure for development of the country

• Making available qualified personnel for all construction work;

• Participating in the architectural modernization of the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Our mission is to provide the Democratic Republic of Congo with infrastructures of any size, according to international standards. Its activities are grafted to the government program to rebuild the country.


Our vision is to meet the challenge of rebuilding the Democratic Republic of Congo, a country the size of a continent. A biased vision but possible to achieve if we invests time, expertise and adequate material.


SAFRIMEX policy is based on our respect for international standards in construction. It is not enough to give the country the buildings, we must above all build ingenious and sustainable infrastructures that ensure at the same time beauty and durability.


The prospect of SAFRIMEX is to become one of the best construction companies in the Democratic Republic of Congo and remarkably participate in its reconstruction.

In order to support the reconstruction program of the Democratic Republic of Congo we made several achievements, including:


•The rehabilitation of the avenue huileries, section between the roundabout and KIMPUANZA Boulevard June 30 in Kinshasa.

•The rehabilitation of the KIANZA Avenue that connects the university avenue bypass in Kinshasa.

•MDA project (Mont des Arts), construction of a modern road  in the town of Gombe in Kinshasa.

•Rehabilitation and modernization of the first entry and N'djili loop in the town of Kinshasa N'djili

•The rehabilitation of Kanyamuhanga Boulevard and Avenue du Lac in Goma in North Kivu Province;

Remediation work:

•Construction of a large rainwater collector on the Kabambare avenue Barumbu commune in Kinshasa.

•Construction of a header on SEKOUTOURE Avenue in the Town Bandalungwa in Kinshasa.


•Construction CDP building on behalf of SNEL in Kinshasa.

•Construction of the flag of pediatrics at the referral hospital St Luke Kinsantu in the province of Bas-Congo. SAFRIMEX has significant expertise in civil engineering and mobilizing its teams and equipment for all service request for the realization of innovative projects for the construction of urban and interurban roads.