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CENTRAL MOTORS, exclusive distributor of automotive brands Hyundai and Mazda, was established in 2007, and since then, has continued to inspire the automotive market in DR Congo up to become the leader. To fully meet the needs of its customers, CENTRAL MOTORS offers a comprehensive range of modern, intelligent and well-designed vehicles It has also provided substantial assistance to the efforts of the DRC Government for the remediation of the public transportation sector by offering comfortable and durable busses.


The vision of CENTRAL MOTORS is to become the undisputed leader of the automotive market in DR Congo by providing high-end vehicles at competitive prices with excellent commercial service and after sales.

Our values

Trust, quality, warranty and originality are our values.

Our staff

Qualified and pragmatic We serve our customers with qualified and experienced mechanics of all the brands we sell. Pragmatic staff that reflects the required quality and always listening to customers.

CENTRAL MOTORS is the dealer for HYUNDAI and MAZDA in the Democratic Republic of Congo. CENTRAL MOTORS won the leadership of the automobile market by making high-end vehicles and heavy machinery available to its customers.


The mission of CENTRAL MOTORS is to create a climate of trust by providing its customers with reliable and comfortable vehicles at competitive prices with a commercial service close to the customer and an always helping after-sales service.


The objectives of CENTRAL MOTORS are:

• Actively participate in the revolution of modernity, creating new jobs

• Significantly contributing to the state program to participate in the consolidation of the transport sector in DR Congo.

• To market the full range of automotive brands Hyundai and Mazda;

• To become the undisputed leader of the automotive market in DR Congo.


Perspective CENTRAL MOTORS plans to install an assembly plant of Hyundai vehicles on Congolese soil. This plant will absorb a large workforce will decrease the rate of unemployment in DR Congo and will allow the company to increase its sales capacity and improve the price advantage for its customers.

Our policy

Our policy is to be closer to customers by a commercial service always attentive and by prompt and available after sale-service

We feel fortunate to have been associated with the program "Esprit de vie” (Spirit of life) of the Central Government of the Congo. A program that aims to stabilize the public transport sector;