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about us

SOCITRANS is a trucking company that provides the link between the port city of Matadi, the City Province of Kinshasa and Bandundu. It has long chassis trucks capable of transporting large tonnages at a time. The SOCITRANS fleet meets the required safety standards in international transport. It also has handling equipment for all weights and forms.


SOCITRANS was created in 2004 to transport goods between the port city of Matadi and Kinshasa with large tonnage trucks. Its activities have allowed it to get involved in government projects for the transport of materials. Its activities cover the cities of Boma, Matadi and Moanda in Bas-Congo Province; Kikwit in Bandundu Province and the capital City of Kinshasa.


Our vision is to create extensions and branches to expand our activities in other provinces of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Our values

Ethics, transparency and reliability are the values we stand for.


Notre mission primordiale est d’assurer le transport des marchandises et atteindre les coins les plus reculés pour desservir aux mieux notre clientèle. A cet effet, nous participons activement à la révolution de la modernité prônée par le gouvernement Congolais.


The objectives of SOCITRANS are: • Providing a transparent and efficient service tailored to the needs of customers at a competitive price; • Transporting the goods with an adequate and reliable equipment; • Participating in the revolution of modernity DR Congo by providing a vehicle fleet capable of transporting material of several kinds and overcoming road hazards in our coverage area; • Supply large urban centers with heavy trucks suitable for all roads in our coverage area.


Reliable materials for a transparent and efficient service. This policy is a commitment based on the duty to serve customers safely with trucks fitted to road hazards in our coverage area.

OUR Realisations

Our road transport achievements are endless, here are a few examples:

1. Transport of logs for export;

2. Transport of materials from the government for a year to build the bridge on Mpozo river connecting the port city of Matadi and Kinshasa;

3. Transport of goods under customs port of Matadi to customs warehouses with the license of authorized economic operator (AEO).

Our staff

Committed and respectful.
Nous mettons à la disposition de nos clients un personnel qualifié. Des chauffeurs des camions poids lourd et des machinistes des engins qualifiés et expérimentés pour assurer à nos clients des trafics en toute sécurité.

Our services

SOCITRANS organizes land transport with heavy duty trucks adapted to the rigors of the roads included in our domain of activity.