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about us

The Import and Export Trading Company (SOCIMEX) specializes in the marketing of food products. The products it sells, meet international standards of control. It provides best value to consumers. SOCIMEX is a reliable company that collaborates with the companies in the group and with other companies operating in the country..


SOCIMEX is the first company of the Group SOCIMEX created in 1998 with the main goal to supply the Congolese in food staples, including rice, sugar, iodized salt, preserved and frozen goods including many others. It has several outlets dotted across the city province of Kinshasa and the provinces such as Bandundu, Orientale, Katanga, Equateur and Bas-Congo in particular in the cities of Matadi, Boma and Moanda. Our best quality products, in this case the Lion rice to Africa Oil, sardines Anny, Corned Beef Rio, the Corned Beef Exeter and Corned Beef Bravo, Floriane milk, pilchard Africa Queen and the Crown (corned beef, oil sardine, pilchard, concentrated tomatoes and spaghetti), offered at competitive prices, have positioned us as a leader in the Congolese market,


Our vision is to expand our branches and representations throughout the whole of the Democratic Republic of Congo with services that truly contribute to the development of the country.

Our values

Self-sufficiency, ethics and respect for food standards are our values.

Our staff

Ethics and compliance

Our staff works in strict compliance with international food standards and other products we sell to our customers. A hard working staff to best serve the Congo.


Our mission is to positively contribute to the improvement of Congolese living conditions by providing healthy products at competitive prices.


The objectives of SOCIMEX are:

Contributing to the sufficiency of the population in basic food products;

• Allowing anyone to access better quality food products at competitive prices;

• Participate in the fight against unemployment and create jobs across its operations.


We plan to expand our coverage to the provinces that do not benefit directly from our activities. In the coming days, we plan to set up branches and point of sales in other provinces outside of those already covered through the national scope of the DR Congo.

Sectorial policy

The requirement for serving only the best quality products. Our activities are for the population and promoting food self-sufficiency of the Democratic Republic of Congo in better products.