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CONGO OIL up to this day is the only company of the SOCIMEX Group whose chain of benefits is fully installed in the Congolese territory. It highlights palm oil, fats and other agricultural products of the lower river in the province of Bas-Congo through a state of the art factory installed on-site and is positioned as a key partner for palm oil producers in this part of the country.

“ A young budding plant ”


The official launch of the plant and the range of our products is our most important activity in perspective. This will make the construction of effective channels of values desired by the company on the corridor Boma-Matadi-Kinshasa in order to allow the Congo to be among the exporters of palm oil in Africa


The development of the palm oil industry in Lower Congo River CONGO OIL is a modern processing plant and production of palm oil products and fats produced by the farmers of the lower river in the province of Bas-Congo. The company supports the national strategy to increase growth and reduce poverty through its services and the construction of value chains on the corridor Boma- Matadi-Kinshasa. It involves the population in each step in the creation of its products through consultative investigations organized for the people. Through giving and receiving, CONGO OIL provides the DRC the opportunity to offer the best quality palm oil products.


Our mission is to positively contribute to the transformation of traditional production of palm oil in the bottom-River region in the province of Bas-Congo to industrial modern production. CONGO OIL is campaigning for a self-sufficiency in products derived from palm oil in the Democratic Republic of Congo. .


Our vision is to contribute to the self-sufficiency of raw materials in the production of palm oil derivatives and other fatty agricultural materials. We aim to offer Congolese, thanks to local raw materials, high-quality products that meet international standards..

Our policy

Our policy is to produce better products. From palm oil produced exclusively by Congolese farmers.

Our values

Quality, sufficiency and compliance with standards on our production line are our values.

Our staff

Qualification and expertise The excellent result of the CONGO OIL production line is due to the qualification and expertise of its staff.

“ Qualification and know how ”

Our consumers and us

Our relationship with our customers is not just based on the gain. We maintain close and effective relationships that allow us to share information and improve, according to their suggestions, the quality of what we offer them. A favorable complicity for the company and the quality of products offered to consumers.