Who we are?

about us

An opportunity to revive the DRC and to empower the Congolese

The SOCIMEX Group is a composition of six companies involved in three economic areas of the country; including food processing, transportation and distribution of vehicles and heavy equipment, finally construction and electricity. The history of SOCIMEX group is linked to the realization of the vision of Mr. Ibrahim Ahmad Issaoui which considers Congo as his second home where he spent more than 32 years of residence to this day. Dynamic and animated by the desire to contribute to the development of the Democratic Republic of Congo. His belief in the glorious future of this country had prompted him to invest in the revolution of the welfare of the Congolese.

Evolution of the Group

SOCIMEX is the first company of the group. It was created in 1998 to supply the country with healthy food products at competitive prices accessible to all social strata.

In 2002, SAFRIMEX was created specializing in civil engineering, construction and erection of communication antennas. With SOCIMEX and SAFRIMEX, SOCIMEX group already began to appear gradually to the world.

SOCITRANS was started in 2004 to connect the port city of Matadi and Kinshasa with large tonnage trucks.

CENTRAL MOTORS, exclusive distributor of automotive brands Hyundai and Mazda, was established in 2007 and since then has continued to dominate the automotive market in DR Congo to become the leader.

SONADES specializing in public lighting, low and medium voltage distribution, draws lines and construction of MV / LV cabins was launched in 2008 and was quickly positioned as key partners in the electrification of the country program.

CONGO OIL & DERIVATIVES, the latest addition to the group, has a potential contribution to create a strategic partnership on value chain in the sector to improve farm production of palm oil in the Lower Congo. Indeed, it is a modern processing plant and production of palm oil products and other fats in the Lower River.

about us

Groupe SOCIMEX puts forward a highly skilled workforce in all of its sectors of operation

Our Mission

Our mission is to avail the products and services that meet and actually contribute to the improvement of the living conditions of the Congolese and the overall development of Democratic Congo.

our values

The Group promotes the welfare economy!

NOTRE personnel

Qualifications, expertise and ethics are our selection criteria The Group SOCIMEX has a highly skilled workforce competing in all its areas of intervention across all companies that compose it.

why choose us?

In order to realize its vision, the SOCIMEX Group has set to achieve the following objectives:


Contributing significantly to the improvement of socio-economic conditions of the Congolese;


Contributing to the reduction of the unemployment rate in the Democratic Republic of Congo


Helping improve the country's image and help the country in its economic recovery


Covering the entire area of the Democratic Republic of Congo in staple food products


Promoting food self-sufficiency by establishing a mechanism that accompanies the country in this process


Promoting agriculture in DR Congo by creating the palm oil industry a chain of values in the corridor Boma-Matadi-Kinshasa.

a man, a vision, an investment


The vision of SOCIMEX Group is to contribute significantly to improving the life conditions of the Congolese and the image of the Democratic Republic of Congo through the services which cover the needs of the population.

Notre politique

Our policy is summarized in our motto and our ideology: first Congolese, second Congolese and finally Congolese. It reflects the idea that the action of the group must comply with the directions of the country and ensure that the public is the primary beneficiary.

Domaines d’intervention

Six large companies in response to the needs of the Democratic Republic of Congo. SOCIMEX the Group operates in three different areas in the Democratic Republic of Congo through implementing strong and effective strategy. To date, the group SOCIMEX operates by means of six companies that make up the SOCIMEX, CONGO OIL, SOCITRANS, CENTRAL MOTOR, SAFRIMEX and SONADES in areas of food processing, transport and vehicle distribution, infrastructure and electricity. This methodology has allowed it to contribute significantly to the country's development and well-being of the Congolese.

SOCIMEX and OIL CONGO involved in the food industry. SOCIMEX is the component of the import expert group for food, CONGO OIL is a modern processing plant and production of palm oil derivatives and fats produced by farmers in the region of the lower river in the province of Bas-Congo.

CENTRAL MOTORS and SOCITRANS are the two group companies involved in the transportation field. SOCITRANS runs between the port city of Matadi, Kinshasa, Boma, Moanda and the city of Kikwit in Bandundu. CENTRAL MOTORS is the brand dealer of HYUNDAI and MAZDA vehicles.

SAFRIMEX and SONADES are the geniuses of the group in infrastructure and power. SAFRIMEX is the branch specializing in civil engineering, construction and erection of communication antennas while SONADES invests in electricity. It is involved in public lighting, distribution and average basic tension in draw online and construction of MV / LV cabins. It installs electronic equipment MV / LV and also design electrical and electronic systems of all sizes.